About Beechwood House

About Beechwood House

About Us

Beechwood House Healthcare is a provider of General Healthcare practices. Offering private and confidential consultations, our sole purpose is to empower and align each individual patient, with experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals.

Our mission and core focus is to ensure the highest standards of personalised care, via our commitment to a culture of respect, with integrity and compassion.


Beechwood House, built in the 1840’s, is a Grade II listed building, built by George Thorneycroft, ironmaster and first Mayor of Wolverhampton, for the use of his daughters upon their marriages. Ellen was married in 1857 to Henry Fowler and they lived in the house for 10 years. Henry Hartley Fowler became Wolverhampton Mayor at the age of 32 and was known for his common sense, good judgement and intelligence. In 1866, when the new statue of Prince Albert was placed on High Green in Wolverhampton, Henry encouraged the council to invite Queen Victoria to unveil it – she had not accepted any public engagements since her beloved Alberts death in 1861. She accepted and her visit was arranged. High Green was then renamed Queen Square in her honour. He instigated the construction of West Park which opened a year after he had been elected MP, was knighted by Queen Victoria and made Lord of Wolverhampton by Edward VII.